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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When Fiona Settled for the Wrong Guy....

Cleansed was my soul,
My body felt whole,
Was I ready again?

No, not at all,
Grow a pair (of balls!),
He said in disdain.

Laughter couldn't escape,
Sorrow found no space,
Reaching for the red cape,
She found her own pace.

Slowly, Steadily, Smoothly,
She battled,
Readily and unblinkingly,
Tears rattled.

Her face,
Once a pretty picture,
Her daze,
Not looking for a greener pasture,

Turned away, Far Far away,
Towards an enchanting ogre,
She didn't know what to say,
Quite literally in a way,
Ahead of her, the greener pastures lay!

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