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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bond Over Books!

When the same kind of feeling is aroused between two or more people, they form a bond. Books so far have known to form the best of bonds among people. Stories have come a long way from cave walls to leaves to papers to books and finally, twitter. Yet, there is still some soul in the carvings and in the smell of a paperback. In spite of the Kindle taking the market by storm, books haven’t really gone old.

Moreover, one look at two people talking about the same novel and you know they have struck a long lasting friendship or if nothing else, they definitely share the linkage of reading that exact same thing to its very core.

Books can lead to very interesting relationships among people. Sometimes you argue upon the plot, sometimes you find that you share the same philosophy and sometimes, you bunch up and review the book. Sometimes you discuss the movie that has been adapted into a book and at some other extraordinarily fantastic times, you end up co-writing fan fiction.

As you see, bonds aren’t always forceful, boring, legal, financial et al. They can be beautiful as long as the books exist. You could form a connection over war and who would have thought that’s possible. No bloodshed, no weaponry, just words and more words. Or for all you know, you could be indulging into a literary war and forming a love-hate relationship with a fellow reader.

When you read a romance novel and then, you find someone else, who also likes the genre, you light a spark of your own. You can get yourself a date or you could get yourself married all thanks to a book! And if you are into soft porn, boy, the books give you ideas! Ideas you couldn’t ever have thought of!

Needless to say, those friendships formed over the love of books help you gain and share knowledge and worldly wisdom and even if you don’t talk to this person for a very long time, that special bond that you formed over the liking of reading is always going to stay.

So, go on and form a beautiful bond over books!

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  1. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share