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Monday, March 14, 2016

There's pi in it!

Opinions without 3.14 are just onions. :P

Apiece has a piece of pi in it and so does piece.

Pilot without 3.14 is one of the lot.

Pirate is the rate of 3.14.

3.14 or pi lies somewhere in the middle of capitalism.

Depiction can't be complete without 3.14.

Hell, Epic can't be complete without 3.14!

In fact, Gopi had some 3.14 on her or else, she'd just go :P

And Hopi without 3.14 would simple be a Ho'

Magpie would simply be Mage, Now, that's a thought,

Tropical would never do without 3.14

After all, it has spies and rapists, hoping around, 

Roping the pile, Pining for 3.14...  


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