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Monday, February 29, 2016


Banned, Killed, Married, Pregnant,
Social, Anti-social, Liberal, Stagnant,
Silent, Violent, Chaotic and Calm,
Secretly, Openly, Greased a Palm,

Hell-fire Burnt like crazy everywhere,
The flames simply came of nowhere,
Scary dispositions flew in the air,
Children wouldn't find mother's care,

Capital, Resources, Profit, Economy,
Vocabulary, Science, Religion, Dichotomy,
Sane, Insane, Bald, Bold, Beautiful,
Crazy, happy, cheerful, thoughtless fool,

All were cursed with the inane blessing,
Supposedly a cure for the needs pressing,
One world was unknown to the others,
Hence, they decided not to be brothers,

Protests, Dharnas, Speeches, Scams,
Languages, faces, beards and tramps,
Idiots, love-birds, morals and stars,
Movies, bikes, porn and fast cars,

For, the world wouldn't remain,
But it would surely continue,
To produce the kind of semen,
That makes nothing new!

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