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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Soul that was Truly Lost

Too many thoughts in an empty space,
The clutter tangles into a neat maze,
There is joy and then, there is sorrow,
There is today and then, there's morrow,

And then there was once a yesterday,
So beautiful, it would just never end,
How ever much you'd try and slay,
How ever much you'd finally repent,

There is baggage and luggage,
And then a whole compartment,
There is production and backstage,
And that is a whole department,

Of the soul from the now,
So keen to take a bow,
It wears a mask unseen,
Unknown, it is very keen,

Into a flight of its own,
To discover what's sown,
By himself ages and ages ago,
There is no memory though,

Of what went on in there,
No one would really care,
Undoing and redoing the past,
How long would it all last?

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