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Monday, January 11, 2016

Erotica Thriller - My first Writing Prompt

She sat quietly in a corner, slowly killing her soul. She played with the knife, no longer planning to kill. Her own soul was dead. In a sudden fit of rage, she threw the knife with a vociferous force. It stuck itself into a dead body. She could no longer bear it and broke down. She cried bitter tears but wouldn't get up from that corner.

The next morning, she was unconscious and as soon as she gained consciousness, she whispered "I brought death upon them." "It was me." Grandma thought she was delirious and helped her to a glass of water. She led her out of the room full of dead bodies and served her breakfast. Malini was hungry. She began to eat vehemently. Her face blank. Grandma sat next to her with a glass of juice.

"So, did you do it?" Grandma asked. Malini's face was still blank. She didn't know if she could tell grandma the truth. She herself didn't know if she did it. Moreover, was anyone going to believe her? She had already been to jail for drug abuse, she'd been smoking with them right before they died. Would anyone believe that she didn't do it under influence?

She'd done it for the sake of friendship but she wasn't sure anyone was going to understand. Her exasperation gave away as she headed for the loo. On a whim, she started to masturbate. That was one thing that could give respite to her in any situation.

However, this was a mess. Simply existing was sapping the air out of her lungs. "Has grandma killed anyone?" she thought. "Has she murdered people for defence or she is a murderer by profession?" You see grandma wasn't actually her grandma. She simply called this woman grandma because she was really old.

Malini is thinking all this while slowly rubbing her clit, when the door opens and grandma kicks her there. "Good girls don't do that!" she yells. "So you aren't angry at me for killing people but for....?"
Grandma doesn't reply and simply calls out to someone. "Who are you calling? Can't you see everyone's dead?" A strong, muscular man comes in and ties Malini's hands and legs. "What's this?Where did you come from? Who are you?" Soon, Malini find's a huge piece of cello tape on her mouth.

"Will you have breakfast Rahim?" Grandma asks. "Sure! I'll join you after I've taken care of her" he says. As soon as grandma leaves, he starts rubbing Malini's clit. Malini's legs start to wobble and she can barely stand straight. He brings her to the point of coming and leaves her standing in an empty room. He locks her inside and goes to have breakfast. Malini sits in a corner and starts crying.

P.S - Feel free to tile and continue the story. If it is an ugly prompt, let me know!

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