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Monday, December 14, 2015

Interesting conversations from 'My Other Dumb Best Friend'

She - I want a Long Island Ice Tea. But it is very long, so, I'll settle down for Margarita.
Me - How long is it? (Realising what I just said, I LMAO)
She - You get the longest one here.
Me - Yes, but how long is it (I laugh harder; she realises it too and now, we both laugh)

P.S - It is actually really long.

No, we don't order it because we are hungry and we want something stronger. So, after a while, she expectedly gets drunk and we make our way out for the club. I am still clueless on why she entered a grocery shop. So, she sample tasted some weird flavours, made a face and moved on. She brought bread and chillies too on the way home.

However, while we were still at the table, as soon as plates are served.

Me - This looks like a bhikari ka katora
She - This looks like Jail ka plate.

We both LMAO this time followed by a cheer and a drink. We're looking for tissue papers and we notice, it is a lot like toilet roll. It is thin too. So, a huge bucket tucked with menus, a small bucket attached to it and toilet roll attached to them both. We both notice the weird shit and laugh our asses off once again.

Of course, we finished the roll and asked the waiter for more toilet paper (Yes, we meant tissues)

Oh, there's more, she ordered a drink called 'Tip on the drip'. Of course, I thought dirty and I did! However, she forgot her own order and the waiters don't usually remember the table.

So, here is how it went.

Waiter - Madam, you ordered tip on the drip with peach and vodka flavour with orange on it. (He spoke too fast!)

She - No, I didn't order

(Waiter leaves)

Me - But you ordered something
She - I ordered 'Tip on the drip'
Me - That is what he brought

Me - (Calls the waiter)
She - (Doesn't know whether to laugh or cry)

The waiter gets the 'Tip on the drip' with a straw and by now you might have guessed that I am almost always thinking dirty and............. *wink*

P.S - I don't know why an urban bar would have a pic of B.R. Ambedkar but it did!

P.P.S - Her name has been kept secret on request and will stay so.

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