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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Dumb Best Friend's Wedding

The dumbest shock I've ever received,
Whatever had I anyway perceived,
Who's the dumber one, she or me,
Oh time will tell, we shall see,

As of now, she decided to die,
Or maybe she will fly high,
And prove me wrong,
It'll be a glorious song,

Both for me and for her,
Oh my heart she did stir,
But hers had began to flutter,
Into the stupid love gutter,

Until now, we were dumb together,
We were flocks of the same feather,
She decided to live in a cage though,
Where to go, I did not know,

For, we flew separate ways,
It was so never and always,
For, at the end of it all,
One would give the other, a call,

We'd make a lot of dumb noises,
Not to mention, dumb poesies,
Until she struck a lifelong pose,
Giving our friendship a close,

Only she does not know,
Or she does not show,
Things will come to an end,
This, she can't really defend,

Yet, dumb are her ways,
And no less are mine,
Whatever the hell she says,
A friendship very fine,

We brewed, harboured and grew,
Everyday was a day completely new,
We lost all that we have had,
But it wasn't so bad,

Because we always found something else,
Something that made sounds of tinkling bells,
In our heads and in our hearts,
Until she found warm regards,

In a man, I have no clue about,
Without a shade of doubt,
She took the plunge,
Knock out punch!

Check mate, she said sweetly,
I could do nothing but nod meekly,
Words didn't sweeten the bitter and the sour,
Ah, I no longer knew if I was still on the floor,

The world went upside down,
She wanted a wedding gown,
I'd to let her go,
Where? Never shall I know,

She shall fly to a land unknown,
She already has new seeds sown,
May her saplings grow far and wide,
Yet, my sadness I cannot hide!


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