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Monday, October 26, 2015

God - Thou'st Worst than a Human Being

Before I begin, I'd like to clarify that this post isn't based on religion but on the understanding of God that I've been brought up on. I haven't been brought up on any religion specifically so don't confuse this with religion.

So, what ideas of god have I been brought up on? Well, there are quite a few things but there are some that don't fit my sense of logic and there are those that do. For instance, the theory of karma makes 100% sense, don't practice you freedom such that it comes into the way of freedom of others, also makes sense but here are a few things that go straight out of my head -

1. Don't harbour sexual desires

So, God made our body, he gave us hormones and libido, he gave the women a clitoris and the men a penis. Now, if God made the body thus, he is definitely responsible for the sexual desires that arise within us. So, he gave us the means to harbour sexual desires and then told us not to do it? Isn't that monstrous? It is like gifting someone a car and asking them not to drive it. I'd rather not accept the gift!

Why is this worse than humans? - If we create something like computers, cars, airplanes, we ensure that the creation gets to use all its parts. We don't make the computer such that we don't allow it to use a capability of its body, do we? Then, why god why, can we not use our sexual hormones, libidos and body parts? Why that torture god?

2. Don't get emotionally attached

OK. Same logic again. Emotions are hormonal reactions and the hormones aren't created by human beings.

Now, why is this worse than humans? - Going by how God's logic works, God is emotionally attached to human beings. One wrong step and bitter punishment awaits us, if you don't pray, God makes you pray; he sounds like every fibre of his being is attached to us like an imbecilic lover who won't let go. Whatever you do, he will react! Yes, sometimes God may go out of the way to protect us. Isn't that how emotionally attached people behave? Why don't you practice what you preach, dear god?  

3. Keep away from worldly affairs

Now, I was born into this world by your will God; how then should I keep away from worldly affairs? Why did you send me into the world if you wanted me to keep away from worldly affairs? I mean if you give a small kid a chocolate and tell him not to eat it, he will obviously not listen to you! You'd rather not give it at all and if you give it, you let the person enjoy it.

Why is it worse than humans? - Obviously, we don't leave someone in the swimming pool and ask them to keep away from water. Is that even possible?

4. Surrender your body and soul to God
OK! You are the creator and it belongs to you. But I do have control over it, right? I mean you can't have complete control over me even after having created me because you gave me a brain and functional body parts. So, why can't I use my brain and function my body?

Why worse than humans? - Well, we created computers and we control it completely yes. But it has a brain of its own that follows our commands. Now, yes it hangs as per will and sometimes, stops functioning completely but you know what? The computer's brain cannot think on its own, it only has the capability to understand commands! Why God Why did you give me the capability to think on my own if I couldn't use it?

 5. If you don't think of God during happy times, God will throw a problem upon you so you have to remember the almighty

This is the weirdest one. Yes, I thank you and I am grateful to you for everything but sometimes, people take each other for granted and forget. That doesn't mean we don't love you enough or we don't know who you are. It is a very mean and bitchy thing to treat your creations like that.

Why worse than humans? - For instance, if I give my best friend a cake on her birthday, she is going to be happy as hell and eat it, she will obviously not thank me. So, I'll not take it to heart and device a way of making her unhappy so that she thinks of me. She is my friend, I'll just be happy in her happiness. God, why can't you be happy in my happiness, why do you create problems for me if I don't thank you or think of you? What kind of mean creature are you?

6. If I don't do good karma, I'll be reborn some 84 million times before achieving absolution

Huh? What? Why? I'll do good karma but I may unknowingly do bad karma, so you are going to give me such harsh punishment for something I did unknowingly? This one often renders me speechless! I mean I would be reborn as different creatures 84 million times before becoming a human being and given a chance at absolution again! You are just scaring people here!

Is he worse than humans in this one? - I don't know. Human beings threaten each other. some kill but who tortures a person like that with 84 million rebirths.

There are many more but I'll stick to these 6. I repeat, they aren't religion based but concept based.  Lastly, I am not against God and I don't think he or she or whatever this spiritual presence is, is someone bad but yes, I do find God to be a completely illogical creature. Rules are fine but rules that counter each other and your own creations, beat your own logic, how is anyone to follow those rules? No wonder then God, your world is at a disarray.

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