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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Birdy Affair

It wasn't a lazy Sunday. I hadn't finished my work and I needed to go to a client's place. You can guess then, my mood was sour and bitter. No one likes to work on a Sunday. I switched on my laptop and went to get a cup of tea. When I came back, someone was waiting for me -
I was just about to sit down to work when this piece of beauty landed on my window and started to chirp. I was very excited at first and took a lot of pictures taking care not to scare it. However, later, I noticed something unusual about its behaviour. It was too clean to be a wild bird, it was also very scared and nervous and it seemed to be lost. This is when my dad said "It is a pet" and it dawned upon me that it might indeed be lost!
My first thought was  to give it some food but we had no idea what bird this was. So, assuming it is a parrot, I dropped some chillies in the pot he was sitting on. It was slightly scared but only slightly. I asked a few of my friends if they knew what it was and what it eats but no one knew anything. Then, I gave it some water, everyone drinks water! It not only drank water but also wet its feet in it. Then, I stood near the window and told him everything would be fine, not to worry. The bird relaxed after that but it still wanted food. So, I put in some guava there and shut the window. Now, I shut the window for 2 reasons.
First, we aren't a pet friendly family and Second, I am bird phobic. After I'd given it some guava and made a lot of fuss around it, the bird climbed on to my window sill. Since I had been talking to it for a long time, I randomly kept asking him who are you? what do you eat? It kept playing on the window sill though and was chewing on to a plant's stem.

Then, I thought why this might be a woodpecker after all! It can't seem to stop pecking at that stem and seems uncomfortable without it. Now, I started looking for what a woodpecker eats and by this time, my mum had already come home and after seeing what the fuss was all about called PETA and asked them to come and pick it up.
When I told one of my friends about the bird being a woodpecker, the person told me that it was a Cockatoo. I quickly Googled Cockatoo and sure enough, it was what my friend said it was. Now, Cockatoo ate berries, fruits and nuts. Since it hadn't even touched the guava I'd given him, the bird apparently wanted something else.
We thought of getting it some grapes. The fellow kept playing with me through the window panes. It's stem fell down after a while. It gave me a few poses for the camera on the pot. It also bit my finger through the pane playfully. Now, the bird was absolutely comfortable with me and started pleading to come in. My dad objected and so did my sister. I was bird phobic but by now, I'd forgotten it and wanted to take the bird in very badly. The bird kept calling out to me through the window pane while we were contemplating. There was also this fear of attack from other wild birds and this pet bird didn't know anything.
So, finally we decided to let it in. I cleared my working table which lies near the window and thought of asking the bird to sit on it. I opened the window and climbed a little ahead.

By now, it was slightly unclean but still retained its playful demeanour. I was so glad and excited it was going to come in. My mum went near the window and asked the bird to come in but it wouldn't listen. In fact, it took a step behind.

The bird knew me and had grown very comfortable with me. Of course, I didn't remember a single thing about Bird Phobia. I went ahead and asked the bird to come in and the way it excitedly fluttered to come and sit on my shoulder, my phobia came back to me, my excitement vanished and I was shell shocked this time. Like an idiot, I screamed. It flew away and sat on the grill. I cursed myself and my bird phobia. So badly wanting it to come back, I called out to it again, it turned around but wouldn't fly in like last time. It responded to no one's calls but mine! It would actually chirp back when I called out! Wow! I forgot of my bird phobia again but then I was also not sure I wouldn't scream again, so, I went to another room. My mum now gradually coaxed it inside.

By this time, someone from PETA had come in along with a carton poked with lots of holes. The fellow was going to take the Cockatoo away in the box. At this time, the bird was sitting on my mum's head. Finally, the man caught it and took it away.

He said that they would check for its health (he used the word quality instead of health), take its flying test and then leave it in a sanctuary. I have been restless and unsure since the bird left me. I feel like I have cheated and betrayed the bird. It trusted me and came in and he must be thinking I made a fool of him. It would be mad at me. Yes, I sound like a little kid but this is exactly how I feel. I am going to go check on the Cockatoo today and hope that it is safe!

I also learnt that this bird isn't naturally found in India and is exceptionally intelligent. So, I am still confused about how at all it landed here! And yes, I also miss it.  

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