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Monday, September 14, 2015

This is why everyone is screaming FEMINISM!!!!

I have kept away from writing about feminism since some time now and that is because everyone is talking about it. While this ad got me furious, I thought lets not say anything because like I said, everyone simple starts blabbering any crap about feminism, the moment they get a chance but then I came across the following article and could no longer keep my mouth shut -

                              Wife denies sex on guru's advice, man gets divorce
In a gist, in the article, the husband had the following problems with his wife -

  • Trying to malign his image
  • Not quitting her job
  • Denying him sex on the excuse that she was instructed to do so by her Guru

The man was granted the divorce on the following grounds -

  • The woman had no sufficient cause to deny him sex
  • The denial is cruel and causes mental torture
The Woman's explanation

  • The husband wanted to have unnatural sex
The Court disbelieves the woman because she has no proof of the fact that her husband wanted to have unnatural sex,

Her husband has a copy of the email that he says his wife sent to his friend by hacking into 'his' email account which is why he accuses her of image maligning.

Here, maybe the woman is in the wrong, maybe, she isn't. First and foremost, what on earth does the judge mean by saying that she has no sufficient cause to deny him sex? She can or cannot give it to him whenever she wants to or doesn't want to. How is it mental torture?

Also, what on f*****g Earth does it mean that she has no proof? Her husband also technically doesn't have proof. The email has been sent from his address. So, where is the proof that his wife actually hacked into it?

So, while both parties are balanced here and both don't have proof, the woman is made to look like she is on the losing side.

Also, a headline in the newspaper says "Housewife Dreams Shattered." The husband was apparently hoping, his wife would take care of his house. I mean how can this be a condition or a requisite of the wife to be that she is required to take care of the house. He was getting a wife, a f******g wife and not a servant. If he wanted someone to take care of the house, he could have hired a maid, in stead of getting married. Oh, wait, maids charge and don't have sex!

So, here is this stupid divorce case by this stupid judge and then there is that silly ad that says "So easy, even men can cook." you mean that men can't do the tougher cooking? All the male chefs are using parampara masala? :-o


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