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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Realisations and Lessons from Last Week - 1

I usually blog when I feel very passionately about something and otherwise, I let my blog remain inactive. I've been actively trying to post every Monday since the last few weeks and have been successful until today, when I do not have anything to write. I am looking for blogging topics on Google like an idiot. Of course, Google will not tell me what it is that I should feel passionate about today. For, I simply refrain from blogging if I am not passionate about something. O.K. enough rambling.

I've come across an idea while rambling though. I shall try and share my realisations and lessons from the past week every Monday. I do not know if this is a good idea but I'll give it a start and lets see how it goes. So, here is my first post of lessons and realisations from the week that went by -

1. I am an "I" person.

As you might have noticed, I started the opening para with an 'I' and will apparently end it with an 'I' too. Every time I am writing a pitch, I find it hard to not write too many "I"s. When I am conversing, I suddenly start talking about myself. I always have something to say about me. I do not know how to do away with this "I" though.

2. My school teachers were apparently right.

During school days, whenever asked to speak in front of the public, I'd keep moving around and not stand still. The teachers tried every trick in the book to make me stand still but it turned out to be an impossible task. Until today, no matter what I do, I can't stand still in public. Guess what, I am a teacher! So, the moment someone comes to monitor my teaching, they pull me aside and tell me to stand still. Well, it is hard to explain but I do not know why, I just can't do this. The teachers in my school said this would be a problem in my future. Turns out, they were damn right!

3. "Not trying" is not an option.

For the purpose of work, I've been leafing through various issues of Chicken Soup and well, I hate inspirational stories. I'd rather look at experiences of people. So, you can understand my bitter sweet relationship with Chicken Soup. For the inundated, Chicken Soup is a reader like Reader's Digest and Femina, only that it comes with spiritual, emotional and learning experiences of people. Yes, the stories are turned in by people first-hand.

So, I was leafing through this and I came across Michael Jordan's story. He says he didn't care about failing or winning. All he wanted to do was to keep trying. The end result wasn't in his hands anyway. So, all he had to do was give his best shot and move on.

I was a passionate Basketballer and all I ever wanted to be was a basketball player. Yet, since the last few days, I had given up on the game and practice. I thought I was too old for it now and might not even be fit given the health issues that I have.

However, Jordan says, give your best shot and move on, the end results aren't in your hands and he has always been my hero. So, that is what I am going to do. How does it matter if I am old, I will play. It doesn't matter if I only play alone in a corner but I will play.

4. I have no idea what I am doing and why!
Neither do I know, why I am sharing my lessons and realisations with you. I do not know why I write article after article or teach so many students. I don't understand a thing these days. Why have I signed up for an NGO or why on Earth do I bother about things!

I don't ask why I like wearing shorts because I know that I wear them because they are comfortable or I know I play basketball because I love the game. Yet, the other things that I do, don't have such easy answers. Life is then a mirage but why?

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