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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Of course, I won't explain!

Flabbergasted, aghast, astonished and many other words of the same kind, I have heard. Yet, it was only on Sunday that I realised their true meaning. I sat gaping at the huge screen, the dark seemed to be of no consequence to me. I tried to keep myself calm and composed. Yet, to me, the world had just come to an end. I couldn't understand what just happened.

Even as I write this, purely for the sake of catharsis, everything around me shivers and shakes. My phone stares up at me. So, what happened? What is it that I am going on about? Are you a fan of How I met your mother? Have you seen 'No Pressure' and 'The Wedding Bride'? Coz, what happens in those episodes with Ted Mosby, happened with me in real life on Sunday and except, while Ted was made to look bad and was the butt of jokes, to rub it in my face, I was made to look good. Giving a guilt trip is the best Indian trick and works for everyone but how far can one go with it?

Still not sure what I am talking about? You must be thinking I am typing some crap because I think so too. Yet, I promise all the incidents I refuse to describe are as real as the day. While the movie name and the related incidents are too private to share -

Go watch season 5, episode 23 of HIMYM to know exactly what I am talking about!

Or watch this video -


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