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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Denial of Technology

News = Newspaper
Reading = Paperbacks
Writing = Pen

Wasn't this the norm a few decades ago? The norm now of course is, Everything = Google! Is it a good norm? It is an excellent norm. Is it killing other norms? A question difficult to answer. For instance, it hurts that people no longer feel the sheer bliss of a song on the radio, it crushes my heart to see the number of children in the playground lessen, it sucks that children don't put in a lot of effort and copy assignments straight off the internet.

Yet, news can now reach people quicker than ever, school friends stay connected for life. However, there are hoards and hoards of people who live in complete denial of technology.

They still visit libraries, read newspapers, listen to radio, refer to huge fat dictionaries and directories and so on... I for one am guilty. While I am aware that the Newspaper isn't going to bring anything new to the table, my day doesn't end without reading it. Even if I do own a kindle, it doesn't mean there are no unread paperbacks in my house. It is hard to resist a hardcopy of a book when you see it on stands even if you can download a much cheaper Kindle version later on.

A large number of us are merely afraid to embrace technology because the old habits have stuck to us. We have a set mentality which we don't wish to let go. Like all things, technology also has pros and cons but the cons don't make it a bad thing altogether.

The Kindle feels exactly like a book and helps you save paper. Yet, a lot of us shy away from utilising it. Twitter spreads news faster than any newspaper can but we look towards TV channels and prints in order to find info on a particular piece of news.

Subsequently, the new generation i.e. the millennials are the  worst victims of it because their assignments are never accepted. They are always told that they have copied their stuff and its not real. Teachers need to make peace with the fact that this generation is born in the age of technology and is much smarter.

It is hard to cope up with change but if change is beneficial, why not? What good is going to come of reading old news? Why not use that dictionary or thesaurus app on your phone? If you don't know how to use it, get someone to teach you. Why not try reading at least one book on kindle and see if you like it?

If you are one of those who have turned face from technology, make friends with it right now! Of course, you can leave out the bad aspects but do make use of the good ones! Wish you luck on your journey to discovering new technology (you'll need it). A request to the tech savvy ones to spread this message to those who aren't because they obviously aren't reading my blog. :)

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