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Monday, August 24, 2015

Terrible Representation of Society by HDFC mutual funds!

I saw this ad from HDFC mutual fund ad on TV quite a while ago  -

What concerns me here is not the brand but the ad itself. The ad starts with an old aunty afraid to jump into the swimming pool while kids around her are effortlessly swimming and diving. She looks around for a while amazed at what the kids are doing and finally gets into the pool and starts to practice a very basic swimming exercise wherein you are supposed to hold the handle-bar with your arms and splash your legs into water. For so long, I was thinking wow such an inspirational ad! It poured water on my thinking right then by flashing this message right then -

कुछ चीज़ें लाइफ में जल्दी शुरू कर देनी चाहिए (Some things ought to be started with early on in life)

I was so disappointed and aghast at this. The concept of there is no age for learning is gone to the dogs. Moreover, it is utterly discouraging for someone who is trying to learn something new at a later age in life. Even if a person desires to learn something, he or she will take a step back after watching this ad.

It is most insulting and hurtful when one is made fun of indirectly and subtly and this ad leaves absolutely no stone unturned. It makes fun of that poor aunty trying to learn swimming in her late forties. It tells this aunty that she should have learnt swimming earlier to avoid such situation rather than encouraging her to go on learning. Consequentially, it tells every other aunty or uncle who might want to learn something new that it is too late for them to start.

Ad makers can take creative liberties but at the same time, they do not have the right to hurt the sentiments of the society so blatantly. I obviously do not know if the company is directly responsible for this ad or it is another creative agency; whoever it is, it is definitely a disappointment. The creator of the ad has also been very irresponsible with regards to the content.

Yes, there are many other stupid ads out there and Fair & Lovely always tops my list of stupid ads but this HDFC mutual fund ad has pierced my heart like no other. I think it is extremely unfair and inhumane  to showcase an ad like this on national television.

At a time, when we are talking about empowerment, progress and development, this is definitely a backward step in the direction.

Other utterly silly ads are  as follows -

1. The Face wash ad where a lot of girls come and claim how people don't like them because they have a pimple or they are dull and tired. [It is not a crime to get tired, it is human and if someone doesn't like you coz of a pimple, ask them to get lost!

2. The ad where Akshay Kumar plays an Electrician. Yet, another representation of women as weak, damsels in distress. These women don't do anything to help themselves except for shouting for help. Yes, shouting for help is indeed self defence but a kick, a punch....some use of brawn anything?


3. Rin (पहली बार है, लेकिन आखरी बार नहीं ) (it is the first time but not the last). Really? You are just going to a 5 star hotel and it isn't a big deal frankly. It adds to the social norm of you need to be an elite to enter a 5 star hotel. I mean you are visiting a 5 star hotel to have dinner, that is all. How is it of any consequence to the society and how on earth does it help you shine? If visiting 5 star hotels in great clothes helped people shine, talent and hard work would be of no use.

4. Set Wet (Sada Sexy Raho?!) Just saying that you don't need to have hot looks and bartender like tricks up your sleeve in order to impress a woman. These, if anything are add-ons and aren't 'The" thing.

Truly, there are a few excellent ads as well but most of them are so disappointing that your heart sinks upon watching them. For, sometimes, ads are silly and in my opinion, one would rather be silly than hurt someone or spread a discouraging message in the society.



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  2. Hi Karishma,we completely understand your concern about the storyline used in the TVC. However we would like to clarify that HDFC Life has never featured the said TVC.We have never created/authorized/displayed the ad mentioned.We would appreciate if you could remove our brand name from the post.
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