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Friday, July 10, 2015

The benefits of a balanced healthy diet and the nutritional compromises of a crash diet.

I ought to be the last person talking about diets but here I am!

I was once upon a time, a very thin basketball player with enough physical activity to keep me fit. However, in no time, this changed. I had to give up on the game owing to an injury and started off as a freelance writer. Now, a freelance writer does 2 things - 1. Sits all the time and 2. Writes all the time.

And if the freelance writer is me, she also eats all the time. So, sit, write and eat turned out to be my daily routine for a long time and I am not one to be bothered about issues such as weight gain. Yes, I was heavier than my mother and yes, people called me names and yes, it bothered me on the slight but I did nothing about it.

Now, I belong to a health conscious family and unknowingly I was put on a diet. A diet which resulted into countless health problems because of lack of vitamins and nutrients. I didn't know it but my parents did. They are into veganism and organic food and so wouldn't resort to tablets. Yet, I was going through a lot of trouble both on diet as well as off diet and it got on to my parent's nerves. They didn't know what to do until they remembered Dabur Honey.

As kids, both me and my sister grew up on regular doses of Dabur Honey and Dabur Chyawanprash. We have grown up into fine, strong individuals. So, this is when my dad thought, if we could fall back on Dabur as children, then why not as adults? So, daddy darling went right away to and ordered a bottle.

Surprisingly, the website also had a few lip smacking recipes by Vikas Khanna and so, I was fed a lot of honey recipes and given a honey dose everyday before sleeping. Before I knew it, I was fit again. I slowly started losing weight and was going back to my old self, like in the days of basketball. Much to my happiness, I could fit into a lot of my old clothes. This is when my parents revealed to me that I was on a diet.

Now, when a foodie like me doesn't realise while being on a diet, it has to be especially good. And it was because it was the 'Honey Diet' by Dabur!

For, a balanced and healthy diet helps me stay fit and with Dabur Honey, the compromises of a crash diet can be fought against too. Wondering, what are the benefits of a balanced healthy diet? They are as follows -

1. A fit body
2. A healthy mind and soul
3. Low risk of diseases
4. Higher Resistance Power

Yes, a crash diet comes with a few compromises on nutrients and vitamins but they can always be met with coz thy saviour is Dabur Honey.

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