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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

That Basketballer me!

There have been many bold steps that I have taken throughout my life. I know no other way. That is how I have lived. My first bold step was to quit a high paying corporate job because I wanted to play basketball. Yes, it was my first job but then I called it quits! Next in line were 3 months of pure basketball and nothing else. Those 3 months were the time of my life.

However, this journey was not an easy one either. I was 22 years old then and as the trend goes, there weren't so many women's teams back in the day. While there were ample tournaments going on where women's was a category, my club didn't have a women's team owing to lack of players. Now, I was not one t give up. I went ahead and made my own team. This was a difficult job too. For, a lot of women were not keen on playing and I did not wish to force anyone.

Slowly and gradually, with a lot of hard-work, I found 11 players for my team. This was a hard task but then finally I was successful. From calling friends to calling friends of friends of friends, I finally founded a team.

This was not the end of the road either. I needed a place to practice. Thankfully, an old Basketballer friend of mine who is as passionate about the game, helped me out and I managed to get one of the best courts in Mumbai for myself and the team. 

While it seemed all hunky dory from here, it was not. Getting everyone to practice was a task. Sometimes some would turn up and at other times, others would not. It was getting exceptionally hard to coordinate but any of us didn't have a choice except for pulling it off.

However, luck was on our side all the time. We went into the court and played fiercely enough to ace through the quarter finals and then gradually to the semi-finals. Yes, we lost the semi-finals but we fought hard and were only a basket away from winning. Today, when I look back on those times, I do regret that we did not make it to the finals but all the same, I am proud of what we did there.

It was amazing. Not only did we make it to the semi-finals but three of our team members also made it to the all star team. I was one of the all star players and I have never been happier. While we lost the all star game, I made quite a few shots and gave a good performance. The decision to quit my job to play basketball, has been the best decision that I have ever made.

Well, this was about me, for some people, a bold step means moving away from the comfort of your parent's house and finding your own. In such cases, should be of help. To know more, watch the video below -


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