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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book Review of "God is a Gamer" by Ravi Subramanaian

Rating - *****

I don't know what to make of it frankly. It could be termed as a complete classic or it could be called completely baseless. This of course depends on the reader. I'll settle down for classic literature in case of this one because it raises relevant questions. In a world where one is supposed to be playing strictly by the rules, there are goons who take advantage of law abiding people. More often than not, these goons get away without as much as a trickle on them. If someone does stand up to fight, they tire out against the power or are killed. This is the state of things today and Subramanian raises an interesting question right on his cover page - "Is revenge a crime?"

The question reminded me of cult Bollywood movie Agneepath but of course the book is far off. For, in case of the former, the revenge is for the father while in case of the latter, the revenge is against the father. The common theme being revenge. Moreover, Bollywood movies like the Dhoom series have often given out the message that avenging for the wrongs that have been done unto you is no wrong. In that sense, God is a Gamer isn't very different either. In fact, to be very honest, at some points it does comes across like one of the many Abbas Mustaan flicks with swanky cars, swankier hotels and swankiest people.

Well, the ending left me with an uncomfortable and unsettled feeling in this one which is amazing. Literature that unsettles you is the best, isn't it? Thus, this novel on that note is a wonderful one depending on how you look at it and literally so. The title God is a Gamer is apt because the wrongdoers are rightfully punished but not by the law and not for the crimes that they committed. At least not in the worldly sense of things. Thus, no one knows the real reason behind their suffering; not even themselves. Only the person who has set out to avenge himself and his girlfriend's mom knows the answers. Whether Gloria Tan (the girlfriend in question) knows the answers or not is left open to interpretation.

It is one classic piece of literature which opens a new chapter of unanswered questions in the reader's mind. If you understand the plot and the intentions behind it, it is a lovely piece of work and if you don't, you aren't going to be able to make head or tail out of it. Hence, if you aren't an avid reader of thriller genre, this isn't the best novel to start with but then again, you never know. Personally, I was left dumbfounded and aghast at the end of the novel, it was a pure and unexpected surprise thrown upon the reader. A masterstroke by Ravi Subramanian. He surely is here to say with his interesting style of writing a thriller.

The story writing techniques used by him with a flashback at the end; following every rule of writing a thriller isn't often seen on the Indian scenario. Coming from a family where nearly everyone is a banker, I do know how bad they are at producing and receiving stories. On that front, Subramanian is a pleasant surprise.
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