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Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Ways in which a Healthy Child makes a Happy Home

Children are adorable. Yes, they are naughty but then there is no denying the fact that the naughtier the kid, the more adorable, he or she is. Maa.... paaaa .... taaa...kakaka ..... don't we love those kiddie noises? I know this because I have seen my nephews and nieces growing up. They are all 14 years old or more now but they were a delight when they were healthy babies. Drawing from the experiences of watching them grow into young girls and boys, here are my 10 reasons on why a healthy child makes a happy home -

1. The house is full of chatter.

Someone is always saying something because your kid never keeps quiet. Hence, even when no one is talking your kid is absolutely "Not Silent".

2. Trophies, Trophies and more Trophies!

Since your child is active as hell, he or she is going to win at sports and other extra-curricular activities. A healthy child is enthusiastic and a dabur healthy child is bound to be more energetic than everyone else.

3. He or she is a fast learner.

Good health guarantees a well developed brain. Hence, you don't have to spend long hours helping your child understand basic concepts. They have got it right already.

4. He or she gets good grades in class because they are smart. Hence, you don't have to spend time worrying about their future.

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5. Help at hand.

Children can be the best source of help at times. You want a glass of water, the TV remote or a cooler temperature on the AC. You can entirely rely on your pyaara beta for this.

6. Entertainment!
Your child is going to keep you entertained 24*7 with his extreme chatter and enthusiasm. He or she  has antics up his or her sleeves at all times of the day.

7. New New Cups and New New Plates!

Your very healthy, happy and enthusiastic child is going to break things and there will be new cups, new plates and many more other new things. Read new clocks, new bulbs etc.

8. Exercise free of cost!

A healthy child will automatically have a healthy mom because he or she will always keep her on her toes. Hence, you don't have to invest in the gym, your little baby will make you exercise aplenty.

9. Less Trips to the Doctor!

One of the biggest advantages of having a healthy child at home is that you don't have to go to the doctor often. Hence, you can save that much money and buy that dress you have been eyeing since eons!

10. More Love! More Attention! More visitors!

Everyone wants to visit you and play with your amazing, happy and healthy child. Sometimes, the entire building is right inside your house.

Isn't it a happy feeling to have a healthy child in your house? I felt happier than ever when my nephews and nieces were around me.


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