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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Social Media Week - 25th September

I'll keep the tone of this one conversational as opposed to the formal tone of the previous day's post. One, because the way the sessions went calls for it and two, because I forget my notebook and pen. Anyway, so getting to the sessions, I reached the venue at 12ish and missed a few sessions I would have rather liked to attend. However, I went into "pioneer Stage" because that was the most interesting room yesterday. There were 3 rooms named "Start up Stage", "Pioneer Stage" and "Social Stage" and the events were categorised accordingly.

So, when I came in, Tanvi Bhatt was introducing Lara Balsara and what a lovely lady she is! Lara Balsara is the founder of "Madison World" and what a great idea it is. A truly humble and grounded personality who is completely in-sync with realty. A level headed person who knows exactly what she is doing. Impressive, I must say. In spite of her achievements, she isn't someone who thinks too much of herself. She knows who she is where she stands. The workaholic indulges in Yoga, movies and photography for leisure. Amazing and impressive are words that don't fit enough to describe her.

I hopped into the other room as the event got over and there was this stuff on New Media Engagement in Television which was also very interesting. However, wasn't interesting enough to get me entirely hooked. My attention hankered a lot in this one and so, I can't really point out at something hard-hitting or heart-hitting. It was more or less on the mechanics of social media and how one links offline and online etc. which I am sure would have been extremely helpful for amateurs.

Moving on to an after lunch session, no, I'll not get into the details of my delicious lunch here because it is irrelevant :P . So, about the session, contrary to what usually happens, I have literally enjoyed myself at each and every post lunch session. The panel discussion at the event "The New Content Eco System - Evolution and Design" was extremely interesting. The panellists were a blogger, a YouTube channel founder, a Brand Advocate, a Digital Marketing Manager and a Content Curator. I am deliberately writing their professions and not their names so you can figure out how interesting the panel discussion was. Each of them had their own way of marketing a brand on the internet and each knew what they were talking about and where they were going with it.  Hence, it was interesting to have a perspective of brand marketing on each platform.

Once this was done, I tried to get inside "Start-up Stage" to see what was on there. I have no idea but as I entered there was Leslie singing "Yaaaron Dosti badi hi haseen hai.... whilst strumming his guitar and the session came to an end. No idea, what went on before that but I fondly take those lines back home with me and the song of friendship will now remain a song of Social Media for me. Well, back to the Pioneer and I found someone making a presentation on insights out there. Interesting stuff if you are familiar with the dynamics of Social Media but most of my attention at this point was outside because well, frankly, I wanted my daily doze of caffeine and it is difficult to stay up without it. Workaholic coffee lovers will know what I am talking about.

So, Back in with Coffee and my second favourite session was what was about to begin. Influencers! I did not know something like that even existed in Social Media. Now, wow these people were snobbish. They were pleasingly snobbish and cool. You know snobbish for the right reasons. Plus, I have been hired to write this particular blog post that you are reading. So, my blog is a modest one, not something with a beeline of readers and yet, someone had asked me to go to an event and write about it here later. Wow! O.k. so these people exist with a whole lot of traffic and stuff and yet, they need people like me to blog. I was frankly flabbergasted for most of this session. Well, ok so it turns out, they only write if the content is related to their blog. Well, great! That is a concept I should look into but then that will make a whole new blog post. So, later maybe?

And now! now! now! My favourite session of the day was a tete-a-tete with Raju Hirani. Yes, the man himself! I am not fond of photography but then I wanted to have my own picture of Raju Hirani so I clicked him. The conversations were related to stuff like piracy, small budget films, passion and fire for script writing, social media and films, audiences evolving as intelligent movie goers etc. and it was fun to hear this humble fellow out. This fellow who has made like tons and tons of money purely out of his passion and what an intelligent human being he actually is. I could go on and on but lets not bore you so here's pictures -

So, I thought of going home but then I thought lets look into "Pioneer Stage" and people seemed to be laughing out aloud out there. Oh! the AIB guys were in! Wow! the room was more crowded than Hirani's. Not a fan of the AIB but then they don't need me, they have enough fans. Well, now they obviously can't match up to Hirani's intelligence but they accepted that they knew nothing else but writing a good joke and that is what they do. Well, ok, personally, no I don't think their jokes are good but they seem to be working, so, how does it matter. I'll not pass any more judgemental remarks on them and I'll end it on a happy note because "Happy" is exactly what I felt while I left for home.

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