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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Social Media Week - 24th September

Content Marketing - 'The Flash Forward' - What Content Marketing in the Future

Key Points -

1. It is information that is content and not the Brand. Brand is only a small part of the Content.

2. White paper was once neutral and balanced but as of now, brands have seeped into it. Thus, evolution happens.

3. Bombay Times as an explicit example of Modern Day Traditional Content Marketing and sometimes, that is what clients want.

4. Behavioural Targeting: It implies trying to understand the behavioural patters of the Consumer and then selling accordingly.

5. Client's job isn't limited to assigning the project and giving away the cheque. There is always a need of information and input.

6. Social Media Content requires extensive research of both, the market and the consumer.

7. Identification of the Objective becomes a necessity.

8. Regionalising the Content is a good idea.

9. Brands have no choice but to adapt to Content Marketing.

10. Interesting Case Studies of Coca Cola and Red Bull

Cracking the Content Brief

Key Points -

"Human truth binds you to the brand while universal does nothing".

Clarity - Get a clear idea of who the client is and what exactly is his or her product.

Insights - Study the Insights of the consumer. They are of 3 kinds -

  • World Insight
  • Category Insight
  • Brand Insight

What do you want to do?

What is it that you want to do?

Sleep with the Consumer.

Translates to get to know the consumer really well, inside out. At this stage, forget the brand and concentrate entirely on the consumer.

Break Up with the Consumer

There isn't a need to get emotionally involved with the customer. Once you are done with your research, snap up and get back to the brand.


Now, decide on the theme that you want to engage your consumer with. The theme should be related to the brand and a considerable part of the consumer's life.

Tone of Voice

Decide if you want to be formal, passive, aggressive or plain fun.

Play to the Platform

Refrain from deviating from what you have set out to achieve.


Stay consistent with it! Don't let your campaign go inactive.

No One Night Stands

Stick by on the low days and something will come off it sooner or later.

Social Media Listening - From Theory to Practice

Panelists gave live examples of their own clients and names such as Thomas Cook and Splitsvilla came to be mentioned. One of the panellists spoke on how one of his campaign helped in saving lives of those stuck in the J&K floods.

The concluding point was that listening and engaging with the consumer helps brands understand the needs, likes, dislikes and preferences of the customer. For instance, "Lovely Song" becomes important data for the brand to make or not make significant changes in its product.

Social Media Week - Product Showcase day

During this event, a lot of start-ups introduce their products -

Haptik and Surveylitics were the 2 most interesting ones.

How well do you know Social Media? Oglivy Pop Quiz I

About 15 Social Media Questions were to be answered in 5 minutes. Was a fun Quiz! Questions were simple and easy.

Social Media for Show Biz

Very interesting session by Tara Sharma, Shakti Singh, Indu Mirani and Nathalia Kaur.

Securing Digital Footprint
This one ruins the day with a spoiler alert!! The beautiful information that is constantly being posted is accessible to one and all. How should one compute in an intelligent and smart manner then? Believe it or not Ankit Modi, the speaker hacked a guy's phone and showed us all his messages and personal calls etc. He was humble enough to keep away from his other personal spaces before us but he did have access to it. So well, that arrogant, smart and intelligent dude, scared the shit out of us and got away with it!


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