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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Summary of the Experience at #Doveplay

So, I was having an important presentation the next day and I was thinking if at all I should attend this meeting. It didn't feel nice to cancel it after having confirmed my attendance and the presentation came along at the last moment. I decided to sit the whole night with my presentation and attended the meet.

The entry seemed pretty glamorous with food stalls, photo booth, glares and hats for free and waiters moving around with glasses of wine, it was a hell of an experience. I had awesome fun. True, I was bored at the beginning but it got interesting as time went by. We played some games and did the Zumba dance as well. It was enough to loosen us up.

we were divided into 12 teams and I was in team number 6. My team members were myself, another girl named karishma, Paromita, Roxanne, Pinjal, Varsha, Ankita etc. It was great fun having them around. I bonded with Karishma and Paromita immediately.

Our first task was to throw white balls in a basket and collect as many as possible into the bucket. We were given a total of 8 minutes to do the same. We managed to collect 174 balls but someone else had done a 182 and someone else had also done 280. So, this was a lost cause. After that, we went into the hair play salon and styled each other's hair.

I and Pinjal were partners in this. I am very bad at hair styling so we somehow managed to do each other's hair up. Pinjal was sweet enough to appreciate my effort. After the hair play was over, all of us went to do the jigsaw puzzle and we finished it in like 3 minutes. We were pretty fast on that one.

After this, we went to do the hoola loop thing and had great fun doing it. Roxanne won this task for us. We then had to perform a bar tending task and Roxanne once again won this task for us. I believe her dad is a bar tender. Thank goodness she was in team 6! After that, we went to have dinner which was obviously delicious as hell.

Since, we were hungry as hell by this time, we ate our stomachs full. There was a dance performance on "Tonight's going to be a good night" by a flash mob. Another task between 2 people about who'd find the most number of white paper birds inside a glass cabinet. The task was performed between 2 girls and was fun too.

Lastly, I'd a drink and left the place. Check this out for more information on dove -

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