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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nokia Lumia or Samsung galaxy?

An attempt to make an unbiased comparison between the Nokia Lumia with windows 8 and the Samsung galaxy with Android jellybean. The comparison is drawn after using both these devices for a while.

Windows 8 OS
Android Jelly Bean
Neatly tiled interface (single screen)
Un-tiled interface and numerous screens
Apps can be pinned to home-screen and appear in shapes of tiles
Tiles have to be dragged to home screen and app icon appears on the screen
Looks neat and peppy
Looks scrambled and irritating
Microsoft Office free of cost
No Microsoft Office at all
Here maps (different for walking and driving) lets you see traffic on Indian roads
Google maps (same for walking and driving, just pressing of different icons; doesn’t let you see traffic)
Good camera and pictures can be shared easily
Camera is really blurry
Apps such as cinemagraph, photobeamer and smartshoot
Except for picasa and one of Google’s editing app.. no good inbuilt photo edit
Phone’s in-built photo edit is awesome. You simply need to click on fix and the phone clears all the blurs and shady areas and the picture looks bright.
Phone’s in-built photo edit isn’t as good. No fix button. You can only change from sepia to negative to old photo and so on.
1 touch search button (bing) but effective
Google search bar on 1 of the screens
14-16 hours battery life
8 hours battery life
i-phone touch kind of sensors
No idea what touch sensors but touch doesn’t feel good
Instant synchronisation with laptop/pc of windows 8 without touching anywhere or dragging anything. Only connect
Files have to be transferred and dragged
The comfort of the age-old windows operating system
A new OS that has to be figured out yet
Bigflix app with cool movies pre-loaded
No in-built Bigflix app
Easy camera operations, a simple touch on the screen
Specific camera button
Easy management of emails
One ought to keep looking sometimes for delete icon, sometimes for reply icon etc.
Same system of operations for all inboxes
Different inboxes, different ways of operating them
Facebook chat embedded in the phone’s message inbox.
A different app needs to be downloaded for facebook chat
Cool and different facebook interface
Facebook like facebook interface
Xbox app free
No Xbox app
If friend isn’t online on facebook, messages go as sms- Yes, free!
No such service
A business phone when needed
Always a fun phone !

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