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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stuffed Tomatoes - the Indian Way

Healthy Stuffed Tomatoes (5 servings)

Ingredients –

1 table spoon Salt

5 Tomatoes

1 0r 2 spoons Corn flour

A bowl of Peas

A bowl of Oats

1 Capsicum

1 Cucumber

½ a Radish

1/4th Cabbage

½ a Carrot

Step 1 –


Immerse 2 bowls of oats in water and keep aside

Step 2 –

Take out the insides of tomatoes with the help of a knife. Save the insides of the tomatoes in a frying pan for later

Step 3 –



Cut capsicum, cabbage, carrots, cucumber and radish together


Step 4 –

Soak the water out of the oats and mix it with the vegetables. Do not forget to add peas, salt and the extracted inside of the tomatoes in this mixture. Crush the mixture so that all the ingredients mingle with each other perfectly well. Pour some oil in a frying pan, add the mixture in the frying pan and let it cook for a while. Add some corn flour after 2 minutes to make the mixture thick and creamy. Once the mixture is thick enough, take it off the gas.
Step 5 –

Stuff the tomatoes with the mixture and bake them at a temperature of 250 degree Celsius for 5 minutes.

Your stuffed tomatoes are ready to eat!! Eat them with sauce or chutney. Chilli sauce goes well with these tomatoes.