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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Dilemma of using Google on Assignments

"Google" - the one word that defines the world. If you don't know something Google it! You don't know the way, Google it! You want to hang out, Google it! You want to write an assignment -  Google it! It is criminal to use the information that is already and easily available to you. Thanks to our so called teachers.

Teachers wish us to use our own brains. They wish us to not look it up on the net. However, it is there. Moreover, students aren't thought anything that isn't there over the internet. Then, it isn't fair to ask them to produce what isn't on the internet on their assignments.

Why such injustice against students! Are the teachers jealous because they no longer have the same valuable position? No longer does one have to rely on the teacher if one hasn't understood something or doesn't know something. One can simply Google it. 

 How about using Google for finding common answers to the same questions and having brain storming sessions on it rather than fighting over it. Well, if students are asked to think beyond Google then teachers should do so first.

Information is available to us. Why then should we not use it? It is true that this information is making us dumber or smarter is quite an issue. However, blocking access to information is no way out. It is an idiotic thing to do.

It is understandable that the entire assignment cannot be copy, pasted and reproduced from Google. Yet, there is a thing known as rephrasing and quoting! The smarter ones know how to do it! The teachers are also smart enough to know what is been reproduced directly and what has been reproduced indirectly.

That apart, thanks to Google students can write on topics they are completely clueless about and they should be allowed to do so. For, they are clueless now but in the process of writing they will learn. A consensus has to be found between students and teachers where Google fits in correctly. "Google" needs to be in the class room not outside the class room.


  1. Not bad at all. Your suggestion about the brain storming sessions would be a useful tool in trying to make use of our brains, instead of hearing just a monologue. I think we still lack interactive sessions in the classrooms and there is a felt need for two way communication and our Professors will need to be patient,enthusiastic, genuinely encouraging and interested about the same.