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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Answers ?

There has been quite an outrage all over the country over Damini's Gang rape. A lot of fingers have been raised on Damini and very few fingers have been raised on the rapists. I know Damini is dead. I do not know whether the rapists are dead or alive, free or jailed. I don't know why they committed such brutal acts. From where did they have the heart to do so. Were they humans? Were they free of mental disorders? Weren't they shocked and ashamed of themselves? Do they stay with their families? What is their family background? How have they been brought up to be able to commit such acts? Where are their family members? How have they reacted to the sons in the house doing such things? How is the atmosphere in their house? How are the women in their house treated? What the heck made them do it?

I have loads of unanswered questions! Why are people who defamed Damini still free. They maybe politicians and Babas but if someone called them a few words the person would not be spared! Why are they spared? Why are they defaming Damini in the first place? From their words it is obvious that they don't care for her in a humane way. Why are they bothering to comment on her? Do they have the power to save her? Where are the families of these babas and politicians? What have they taught them? How did they come to think like this? How do they treat the women in their houses or the women who are close to them?

Politicians and rapists aside! Why am I born a woman in this god forsaken stupid country which is full of assholes? On one level they talk about attaining spirituality which is above the body consciousness of a human being; on the other hand, they ask me to cover my body. They ask me to protect my vagina over my life. They capture me in the house because if I go out I will be raped.

Everything aside...I have more questions for the women of this country than for anyone else...
why do you give in to the demands of your family? Why do you cover up if you like to show off? Why do you come home early if you still want to enjoy with your friends? Why do you stay inside the house from the fear of being raped?

Why are you dependent on the men? Why don't you stand up for yourself? Why don't you fight for your rights? Why do you let other people control you?  Why don't you just do what you feel like doing? Why don't you make a noise when men tease you or touch you? Why do you screw the lives of your daughters over their boyfriends? Why do you protect your vaginas more than your life? Why do you cook and clean for a Man who pays you nothing? (everyone who is going to say the man loves me! realty check- even pets are loved and they don't even do anything in return) Why do you think then, you will only be loved if you work for the man? Is love a mode of payment?

I have questions, questions and lots of questions! Why are men so proud of their hot 6 pack abs and why no one points out at them when they show off their bodies? Why do people only raise fingers when women show off their bodies? Why only women are dirty and men aren't? Why do men like controlling women? Why are they so proud of their manliness? Why does everyone misread into religion? And the biggest question of all...Why do women give in to the atrocities of men even when they know men are wrong? (by giving in I don't mean letting men rape you, I just mean letting them control you) Why do you let men control you?

Never ending questions! But no answers! The answers are gagged and from the looks of it, they will remain gagged! While the women will be raped, beaten and controlled. Why was I born a woman in a world like this?

The next time someone says- India is a free country! Bitch please! It is bull shit! No woman in the country is free to act as per her will!


  1. A good post.They should be forced to bring laws forth which protects women much, much better.

  2. Not only the laws but also the population at large has to change their way of thinking Mattias!