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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And Yet She Had The Guts To Dream

Chained she was with her mouth gagged,
Mercy of the onlookers she bagged,
Looked on at everyone with pleading eyes,
All she got back was brutal lies,

She struggled hard to break open through them,
She gave hard stares to  the pleasure seeking men,
She looked on and on hopelessly,
Hoping for help, helplessly,

But no one raised as much as a finger,
No one provided her bread and ginger,
She got accustomed to the worldly ways,
And quietly sat there counting her days,

Till today she counts them everyday,
In no rest or peace did her soul lay,
But she held on to it for long enough,
So long that it hurt every single nerve,

Giving up was what she wanted to do,
But she was unaware of "How to"
Till today, She Sits within bondages,
Representing beauty of ages and ages...