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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So much of "I" and a lot more of "me"

Quiet, Benumbed and dumbstruck, I sit through the movie. I smile for no reason, fully knowing that I have lost it but I don't care. I don't remember having it in the first place. I love madness both around me and inside me. The madness spells life for me. I know nothing and I don't want to know anything. I want to have fun and go die. There is so much life inside me, so much that I can't suffice it. I want to live it all. Yet, I do not want millions of dollars or a huge car. I don't mind sleeping on the footpath. I want to be happy and I can be so on the footpath. I don't care about anything because the final results are never under my control. I do what I like doing and forget about it. I do not know why I am blogging about myself but like I said I do what I feel like doing and I felt like it.

I am in love with me and there is not much space for other people but still everyone is welcome including cute boys. I do not cry a lot because I love smiling but that doesn't mean I'm never hurt or I never feel like crying. It simply means I like giving things a fight and I love the feeling of triumph. Believe me nothing feels better than triumph over bad times. I also get bored very easily and the movie is getting really boring. So, I shall shut the T.V. :)



  2. Hey where is it available? and y d it a good read?