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Monday, November 14, 2011

It's not game yet.......

Remember what you have done, 
Remember the days in the sun,
Remember the struggle,
Remember the juggle,

Each time you're stuck,
Each time your luck,
Leaves you stranded,
And empty handed,

Hold it together,
Every piece of feather,
Stretch your wings afar,
Wiping scar after scar,

Slowly you start to fly,
Rise up before you die,
Bring the real you to light,
Shine on bright, very bright.


  1. its pretty Awesome....

  2. do u first arrange the rhyming scheme and then push the words to get a meaningless and hopeless poetry???
    u need to improve a big time...

  3. Sure Anonymous 2 do let me know what parts do i need improvement on..