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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jan Lokpal Bill: Will the jan really follow?

          Well each coin has 2 sides & so does this Lokpal bill. Before I proceed to write, I declare my full  support to Jan Lokpal Bill. Now, that the resolution has been passed, how long will the parliament take for the bill to be passed? Or they're making a fool of us again? We all know implementation of rules is more important than making of rules.We all know the positives way too well for me to mention it over & over. The biggest positive- Benefit of Tax :)

          The Jan Lokpal Bill of course is a respite for all of us who have to pay bribe for almost all the government proceedings or else consider our task to remain undone for life. If one remembers 63 years ago, freedom was also a respite to the British Ruled India.Will we live up to our reputation of barbarians or will we change? India has drafted the world's longest written constitution. omg! lol! 90% of the population, me included doesn't know the entire constitution of their own country! Jan Lokpal Bill will add to it or truly bring about a change?
           what if the bribe offered is accepted & no one complaints. Lokpal won't do a suo moto for small time bribes taken by traffic cops & cops on patrol...because the Lokpal won't even come to know about it. So, it's very important for "us" to change from within.For instance, I'm caught over speeding, the officer offers me a bribe or vice versa. In such scenario wouldn't it be easier if there was a toll free number to call there & then to make a complaint?
        Even more important..
Where's Sonia Gandhi? :O :P


  1. Sonia Gandhi is in New York... KT...!!

  2. Well evn I know that but it really cancer or it's just an escape route?