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Friday, May 20, 2011

Who am I?

             P.S- This post is for the contest & will be deleted once it's over. Yeah! I could keep it but the contest asks Who am I! And I for one am not one of the people who would like to reveal my identity with self-praises or words. I'm just a Basket Baller & I like to show that off with my boasting

                As a 12 year old, this question first crossed my mind...Who am I? I didn't know then....things like... a girl..a human being....came to my mind...but girl! human being! thats it? Am nothing else...I would think....But as I started playing Basket ball I knew who I was....I was a Basket Baller. I felt satisfied with the thought. 

        But after a while....I'm a Basket Baller but so what! What am I gonna do with the Basket ball? Just play? No! I did not want to be wasting myself by JUST playing & doing nothing at all for the game that gave me my identity...that made me feel like ME.

          This happened during the 2003 cricket frenzy going on in the whole country. I was not anti-cricket but I was feeling some pinch for sure. I felt like an out sider. I was a part of the frenzy going on for sure. I knew what to do...yes I knew...I wanted to bring Basket ball in India...I wanted to play for my country....So now I knew who I am & where I am. I'd found my place...I was a Basket Baller with a purpose &  never once felt lost...

            I'd now put this words of mine in a poem....

       A lost soul,
       Crying foul,
       Found some solace,
       Found some place,
       In the game,
       By the name,
       Of Basket Ball,
       Found my call :)


  1. wow....loved the little poetry over there....ok this one reminds me of Anjali from KKHH hehe....well good luck in getting the game to India may you be the first Indian to do got an admirer and a follower....

    Do let me know of your blog updates....will visit again and yea no need to delete this can put it in the about me section of your blog...

  2. Hey Bhavna... tell me where to return d favour..also I would still delete it if I had to reveal myself so openly..I would have wrttn it long back in my abt me :)