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Monday, May 2, 2011

The many moods of women.....towards men...

P.S- A few brainy women like me don't have to count themselves as a part of this post...

Why blame men...when most women get carried away

When a guy says.."I love you" she thinks about the guy's feelings towards her rather than of her feelings towards the guy....

Is he kidding, Is it for real, does he want to bed me are her questions....

Dame- do you love him, do you have any feelings at all or just because he said "I love you"?

The rest of the thought.....You'd figure out on your own later any which ways!!!

When a guy proposes....

All women think is

Will it work? do we have a future together? Is he doing it for fun? Does he really like me?

I'd say babe- Do you like him? or just because he proposed you.....

The rest you'll anyway figure out later any which ways ;)

When someone look beautiful

She thinks

Omg does he like me? Is he interested etc

Umm Puh-lease....if you look beautiful there can be casual comments...umm casual comments..ya you heard it right..casual comments

And I repeat, The rest you'd anyway figure out later ;)


  1. too... good. but b careful..... u don't get carried away