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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Female Ego

 Not your money, Not your protection,
Oh no honey, Thats a dejection,
Not your support, Not your Strength,
Care a lot, About how much length,

The love matters & the company,
Life furthers into a symphony,
No, not your mastery for sure,
A heart loving & pure,

No attitude, No muscle,
No narrow-minded thought,
Against which to hustle,
None of that is after-sought,

A cute face & nice words would do,
Or else, keep your manliness with you :P


  1. Just a feedback.

    The red color on the font is making it difficult to read.

  2. nice one, although i need to ask which length are u talking bout? ;-)

  3. the background colour is making it difficukt to read so please change it...

  4. Aise hi...normal nahi rakhna tha toh Orange

  5. Thanks a lot Anchal & Jidhu :)