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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Geethu Anna Jose: You happen to be in India

         Once again at the receiving end of cricket's popularity is a small sport. It's called basket ball. India's national team captain Geethu Anna Jose has been invited to WNBA trials & she's preparing to fly to the states. She is the only Indian to play in the  WNBL.And she is lost in the blaze of IPL & the world cup.
          Well, for those who don't know WNBA is located in USA  it's full form is Women's National Basketball Association. The WNBL in Australia  is called Women's National Basketball League. These are huge achievements for any Indian considering the condition of courts & facilities over here. I did not see anything on any news channel, nor did I read a thing in the News papers. So, the paparazzi gives a damn about basket ball? Or it's because it's a women doing it in a male dominated society? I don't understand at all why such huge achievements have to be ignored! It's great that Geethu Anna Jose has been invited for WNBA trials  I hope she makes it. My wishes are with her. I hope someday Indians will  understand the following things:-
1. Women can play sports & achieve big
2. There are sports other than cricket

I pray for the Indians & of luck to her & May god bless the Indians.


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