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Friday, March 11, 2011

You might be assumed dead if you go offline! Stay Online

All inventions shall soon turn useless. All, Yeah I mean all.
You wouldn't use an airplane You'd make a virtual trip to Switzerland or wherever.
And text books!! well 1 page of Google provides more info then the entire text book!
Oh! and no more farewells coz people will be in touch through fb, twitter etc! oh! forget farewells without text books what would one do in class rooms! May be play sports! Classes for sports only! yay!
Parting wouldn't seem so painful because of so many chat applications etc!
Environment issues won't trouble much because you can anyway
read books online!
Money Transactions Online!
Ohh & no pretending to be beautiful
Dating Online!
Don't have an Espn on T.V
Sports Telecasts online! Go watch

KUDOS! to Tim for inventing world wide web


Lets not forget

Someone got super bored of FLYING to Switzerland & hence created a virtual app to get the swiss feel at home!
Someone put all the info on Google for sure & the info obviously came from "The People" and wasn't produced in thin air. And God bless the Google guys for doing this, no more scraping through libraries!!
Someone was way too bored to go to the bank & hence, online banking!
Someday people will have finger pain due to excessive typing & clicking!
Before that....
I'm waiting for someone who gets bored of having sex & creates a virtual app for doing exactly "THAT" with your gf/bf.

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