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Friday, November 19, 2010

Why just girls???

Ok! According to you this might be bold or cheap or whatever but It's time I put this thoughts of mine into words. If a man takes advantage of the crowd & gets touchy with me then I take advantage of the crowd & give him a slap. Like he touches me & gets lost into the crowd, I can slap him & get lost into the crowd.

But the point here is, a chick is not some public property, you can touch anywhere at anypoint of time. I mean even we girls feel like touching a Guy's penis or kissing a real hot guy when we see one. But we don't treat them as public properties, we simply behave.

So why is it that Guys can't behave. A lot of aunties including my mom give me this shit about wearing decent clothes. As if Boys don't wear tight jeans or what, Don't they open the door when they are topless. So why not show each other some respect & behave like literate individuals!!!!!


  1. rubbbbiiiiiish!!!!

  2. slapin is alryt bt afta dat its all garbage...!!

  3. It's bitter but it's true! Logic is there..