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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I want to live, be alive, short I want to have a life..:)

        I was on top of the world when I got admission in jai hind science. I understood the meaning of the wrods "my happinness knew no bounds" that day. But guess what! I quit. I did not stick it out. And I am happier than "my happinness knew no bounds today".
        Yes, I was happy for the fact that I got admission but eversince the academic session started, my happinness started depleting day by day. I was a frustrated soul by the end of first term. I didn't know if I had done the right thing by taking admission. I was no more the happy soul I once was. Apart from my happinness, it was my marks which also started decreasing. From being a bright student, I was now an unknown someone, a below average student. I was used to the five star treatment by teachers.
      Ofcourse, I got scoldings in school as well but not because I told the wrong answers or because I got less marks or worst because I have failed or scored a zero. The only reason for being scolded at in school was mischeif. And I loved playing pranks & mischiefs then.
      But college life was not the same as I had thought. I had worked hard in my school to get into a good college. I thought once I was through life would be fun. I could bunk, I could hang out, I could have boyfriends, I could do crazy stuff. Darn! I wasn't doing any of it, I was studying harder than I had in school. The only thing I loved then were physics practicals.
     I wanted to have a life, I wanted to have fun. I was stuck in this stupid rut. I quit as soon as I was done with my hsc. I simply shifted to arts which was easier, lighter & didnt require me to slog my ass off. I am happy, and I have made good for myself. O.K not as good as an engineer or a doctor would have made but good enough.
     The point here is there are so many people who slog it out like anything, who work their ass out. Don't they want to have a life. Are they happy slogging their ass off for their entire lives? Huge pay packages, Huger slogging, Hugest loss of peace of mind. All of this simply leaves me wondering, are those students really happy, Do they really have a life? I do not have an answer, do you?


  1. You dont have to slog ur ass off for the whole life if u can stick it somwer and work hard and make urself worth of a huge package. Once you hav bank balance, you can live ur life without worrying about future. Don't ask salesman or call centre worker. Ask someone working 5 days a week, 8 Hrs a day and enjoying holidays on islands and staying in 5 stars hotels. Working for ambition is not slogging. Happiness is not just being workless and relaxed, its about working hard to achieve something what u dreaming for and once you get it, u'll realise waht the actual happiness is. Everyone can't win big jackpots, everyone can't have a millionair dad.

  2. Thumbs up to the above post!!!